Back in January 2013, I was watching the NFL play-offs, but had my laptop open and was doing some work when an ad for Direct TV came on with the 'Genie'. After about the third time it aired, I thought "wow, she's pretty" and wondered who she was. I did a little digging and found out her name is Hannah Davis and at the time she was a model who was dating New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter.

Hannah Davis Magazine Cover
Ralph Lauren

I posted the story on our website and watched it explode in page views. Who knew that I wasn't alone in wondering about things like this?

Now I wish I had continued my quest to find out who these actresses and models were in so many of the ads I was seeing, because someone else has and they're making money off their tumblr website "Who is that hot ad girl tumblr"

Hannah Davis, the Direct TV Genie Girl is actually the #2 top searched on the site.

So who is #1 you ask? It's Morgan Smith Godwin. Better known as the redhead in the Wendy's commercials!

So if you've been wondering who the girl is in the Fiat 500 commercial, or the McDonald's Shamrock Shake ad or even the Quibids spot, look no further than the Who's the Hot Girl in the Ad tumblr site.

You're welcome guys...I just wish I had thought of it...

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