Someone once told me, that you work to live not live to work. When you think about that it's true. Just like financial guru, Dave Ramsey has always preached - live like no one else so you can live like no one else.

When it comes to working hard, the South Dakota labor force is one of the tops in the country. Topping Minnesota (16) and Iowa (19). As Alaska claims the hardest working state in the country, North Dakota and Nebraska are just ahead of the Rushmore State.

Wallet Hub has listed Sioux Falls as the 12th hardest working city in the U.S. Omaha comes in at #14. But where do any Minnesota cities show up? Minneapolis is #50.

A hard worker doesn't need to be defined as physical labor, working out in the elements in a dirty sweaty environment. In fact, four of the top five hardest jobs in the country are in the medical field.

It's no wonder that many cities are dealing with a nursing shortage.

You shouldn't be surprised that any frontline worker works hard. Police officers, firefighters, and even teachers are listed in the top 20.

I don't care what anyone says, a stay-at-home mom should have been on the list.

Is all this a lesson to the generation coming out of college and entering the workforce? It should be. They can learn from many of these hard workers who have been on the front lines. Learn to help their colleagues. Learn to volunteer. Learn to get in early and stay late.

As there are pros and cons to most every situation, and you may find that even though you are a hard worker, it does have its disadvantages. Like never taking a proper lunch break, checking emails when you're on vacation, or not using all of your PTO.

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