Country Music history is filled with great duo's and duets. Many have moved on from the 'classic' status into the 'legendary' category.

You may recall when Country Music legend Porter Wagoner wanted to find a 'girl singer' to join him. And we were introduced to a young lady named Dolly Parton. Porter and Dolly went on to record hit after hit.

Oh, and of course you remember when Dolly teamed up with Superstar Kenny Rogers...Kenny and Dolly had many great duet hits, including the biggest country duet hit of all time 'Islands In The Stream'.

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But before there was Kenny and Dolly, there was Kenny and Dottie! Kenny teamed up with the late great Dottie West for duet hits as well.

Of course, if you ask folks who really know their country music and country music history, two duo's will be mentioned every time...and I mean every time.

Chances are one person will say George and Tammy were the greatest ever. The other person will say no, it has to be Conway and Loretta. And they're both right. How can you argue against Mr. Jones and Ms. Wynette? How can you argue against Mr. Twitty and Ms. Lynn?

You can't.

For the younger fans, they may well tell you there's none better than Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. And over the last 25 years or so, yep...they're in the conversation, and perhaps on their way to that 'legendary' status that some of the others have already achieved.

And there's others. Like I said, Country Music history is filled with great duo's and duet hits.

So, while there's no right answer, what do you think? Go ahead and complete this statement:

The greatest country music duo ever is _____________. And let the argument begin!

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