In a true David vs. Goliath result, and proving that size doesn't matter, little Rapid City Stevens High School upset juggernaut Sioux Falls Lincoln High School in our vote for the best high school marching band in South Dakota.

  1. Rapid City Stevens H.S. - 3,095
  2. Sioux Falls Lincoln H.S. - 2,820
  3. Sioux Falls Roosevelt H.S. - 2,273
  4. Brandon Valley H.S. - 1,799
  5. Warner H.S. - 927
  6. Mitchell H.S. - 821
  7. Huron H.S. - 805
  8. Brookings H.S. - 777
  9. West Central H.S. - 773
  10. Lennox H.S. - 454

Rapid City Stevens "is an award winning program in the beautiful Rapid City, South Dakota, USA" according to their Facebook page.

Regardless of the results, congratulations to all the bands and those who support them for voting in our less-than-scientific poll. What is important is that all these students put in a ton of hard work and effort to be the best they can be regardless of the size of the band.

Again, congrats to all the high school marching bands in South Dakota!

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