Thursday night we were getting set to close shop for the evening when one of my co-workers bent over, just enough to show his underwear. Then all hell broke loose!

Whoa Dude, you wear Whitey Tightys? Talk about a borderline fist fight conversation!  The line had been crossed.

Heck yes, what's wrong with that!

Then I started looking around. I came across this in Urban Dictionary:

If you are a boy or man it is the first kind of underwear your mother bought you. White and tight, you didn't have anything yet to be proud of, so they were ok. But then you grew, and you were wearing the same underwear at 13 or 14 that you were wearing when you were 10. "Mom, I need some new underwear!" "They still look good, honey, you sure you need new ones?" "Mom, I've had the same underwear since I was 10, you know." "Oh I know, honey, I will get you some new ones, next paycheck, you say you still wear 10s, honey?" then I only hear screaming.
Hey, honey, if them whitey tightys, get any tighter, you voice ain't neva gunna change.

Seems it's a big deal with some of the younger crowd out there, (under 40) that says it's a big deal if you wear whitey tightys, boxers of briefs.

I tried boxers for a while. Didn't like 'em. Got me wondering.  Let's take a poll. We'll find out who's wearing what!

By the way, I went with Urban Dictionary's version of spelling.

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