Over the years, the Minnesota sports world has seen some amazing moments and some devastating moments along the way.

Included in those amazing moments are two World Series titles for the Minnesota Twins, multiple Super Bowl appearances for the Minnesota Vikings and multiple WNBA championships for the Minnesota Lynx.

As great as those moments are, there is clearly heartbreak that goes along with the success.

That heartbreak includes never winning a Super Bowl, some crushing postseason losses to the New York Yankees, and of course the injuries that can alter a season and a legacy.

So when it comes to injuries, what was the most devastating Minnesota sports injury of all time?

FanNation's Bring Me the Sports recently came up with a list of some of the worst and most devastating sports injuries in Minnesota history.

Here is the complete list of injuries they compiled. 

Personally, I think the Sam Cassel injury affected a championship the most because, without Cassell, the surging T-Wolves went back to mediocrity after his hip injury.

Furthermore, the worst injury and most devastating may have been the Teddy Bridgewater injury solely based on how catastrophic it was at the time.

Injuries of course are a part of sports, but the devastating ones always have you questioning "What If."



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