Life, as we knew it six months ago, has been very difficult for most of us to maintain during this COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges has been what we're eating and how much of it we're consuming during these most bizarre of times.

It's gotten so out of hand that a new term - Quarantine 15 - has been coined and there's even an online calculator to help you anticipate what sort of weight gain you can expect based on the number of days you're at home, your exercise levels, and your drinking and snacking habits.

Favorite Junk Foods

Speaking of snacking, the career website Zippia has been poring over the data from Google Trends, to determine which junk food items were the top choice of each state.

In South Dakota, we love our Milky Way candy bars. The Mount Rushmore State was the only place in America to pick the chocolate malt-flavored nougat and caramel creation covered with milk chocolate as its top choice.

Several other candy bars were among the favorites of other states:

  • Louisiana - PayDay
  • Massachusetts - Crunch Bar
  • Minnesota - Snickers
  • Nevada - Kit Kat
  • New Hampshire - Almond Joy
  • Pennsylvania - Hershey's Bar
  • Tennessee - Baby Ruth
  • Utah - 3 Musketeers
  • Wisconsin - Twix

Overall, Oreos were the top choice in five different states (Connecticut, Hawaii, Mayland, New Jersey, Virginia), while two of our neighbors, North Dakota and Wyoming opted for a much healthier indulgence - sunflower seeds.

Here's What's on My Fridge

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