Ask anyone in Yankton about Charlie's Pizza and 99.99% will not only know about the famous pizza joint and where it is in town, but they'll also tell you what their favorite pizza is.

Okay, I may be making that figure up, but I spent a lot of my youth growing up in Yankton, and Charlie's Pizza is the pizza in Yankton.

What I didn't know is that Charlie's Pizza also had a location in Sioux Falls, on Minnesota Avenue, back in the '60s and according to Pigeon605 (via Sioux Falls Business) it closed around 1988.

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The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Reagan in 1984. The legal drinking age in South Dakota went up to 21 and Charlie's (which was serving low-alcohol beer to 19 and 20-year-olds) saw their business decline.

Chuck Rezac, is the fifth owner of the location in Yankton, and he also grew up there. He is bringing Charlie's back to Sioux Falls. They'll be moving into the old Look's Marketplace building at 69th & Western, next to McNally's Irish Pub, and hopes to be open in early 2022.

The menu will be the same as Yankton, which includes build-your-own and signature pizzas, salads, garlic and cheese bread, and wings.- -Sioux Falls Business

A search for the best pizza in South Dakota will take you to several places, including Food Network, Trip Advisor, and Only in Your State. They all agree that Charlie's Pizza is the best of the best, in South Dakota!

A pizza spot that can make a pie with sauerkraut on it, one of their top sellers, is a place to be reckoned with.

Welcome back Charlie's!

Sources: pigeon605/Sioux Falls Business

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