It's no secret that South Dakota has been receiving a lot of positive as well as negative publicity on national television programs. This also means more eyes have been watching the state of "Great Faces, Great Places." South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is part of the reason why the state is garnering so much attention.

Her policies and personality have led her to various interviews in the national media. Now, she's currently on a book tour and just appeared on one of the nation’s most popular morning shows.

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Governor Kristi Noem had the unique experience of saying, "Good Morning, America" on Monday during the third hour of Good Morning America. Her appearance covered a variety of topics including how South Dakota is responding to the Supreme Court's ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade and a discussion of her new book.


Not My First Rodeo: Lessons From The Heartland discusses the challenges and triumphs Governor Noem has faced throughout her life. Based on Governor Noem's book description on the website Twelve Books, she gets a lot of her might and vigor from her father.

“We don’t complain about things, Kristi. We fix them.” Taking her father’s words to heart, South Dakota's first woman governor Kristi Noem shares heartfelt – and heartbreaking – lessons on making things right in the world, from her childhood on a farm in the vastness of rural America, to the marbled halls of Congress, to the national spotlight amid a global pandemic.

Governor Noem tells the hosts of Good Morning America that her dad was a "tough man." However,  she makes it abundantly clear her tenacious family unit contributed to who she is today as a leader and a fellow South Dakotan.

Over the weekend, Governor also made appearances on ABC's This Week and CBS's Face the Nation. According to Governor Noem's team, she gave further details about "the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, what South Dakota is doing to protect life and help moms in the wake of the Dobbs decision."

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