Over the holidays, it's either turkey or ham... or both, right? Of course, it is. But there's nothing wrong with some great fried chicken either!

Oh, I know, it includes that's nasty, dirty, filthy, awful 'F Word'. The one that's not good for you and should never be uttered lest you get your mouth washed out with soap.


But hey, all things in moderation, so let's fry up the most delicious chicken in South Dakota! But where do you find it?

Well, according to Best Things SD, you have some great choices in the Sunshine State. Whether you're east river or west river, or may somewhere in between, you can find some great fried chicken.

They listed the Top Ten places for fried chicken in South Dakota and there's a pretty good chance there's one close to you.

Five of the Top Ten are in Sioux Falls (Cluckin’ Good Chicken, The Keg and Boss’ Pizza and Chicken) and Rapid City (Millstone Family Restaurant and Colonial House Restaurant & Bar), but you don't have to reside in the 'biggies' to munch a good fried breast. Pierre, Winner, Murdo, Hill City, Wall... swing on in and enjoy!

So yes, over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday pass the turkey and gravy and ham please. But why not have a piece of delicious fried chicken on the way to Grandma's house!

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