Before we get into this article, the question of just what makes a house strange is a subjective thing. Strange to one person is beauty to another. Some people may think these houses are not unusual at all and could name other homes that are stranger.

That said, where is South Dakota's strangest house? According to Cheapism, it's the Turtle House in the Black Hills. Located just 3.5 miles from downtown Spearfish, the Turtle House gets its name from its geodesic roof. If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to live in a turtle, you can rent out the lower level on Airbnb.

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The strangest house in Iowa is the Pyramid House in Clear Lake. If you have ever stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas, then you're in luck. This six-bedroom, three-bath house is a vacation rental that can hold 29 people.

Nebraska's strangest house is the house I want to be in during a tornado. Built into the side of a hill and reinforced with concrete means it would most likely survive a direct hit. Being underground has another advantage, the home has an average temperature of 72 degrees all year long. This house is on Airbnb if you want to "go underground" for a few days.

Finally, the strangest house in Minnesota is made of foam. The Ensulptic House in Minnetrista, about 30 minutes west of downtown Minneapolis, was built in 1969 by a local architect. Made from polyurethane foam and burlap, it kind of looks like a mushroom or maybe a circus tent. This home is a private residence and is not available as a vacation rental.

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