Since Hurricane Matthew struck the Southeastern part of the country, the American Red Cross in South Dakota has been busy sending a steady stream of volunteers to help with recovery efforts.

Overall, 27 Red Cross workers from across the state have been deployed to help, with an additional five volunteers currently in training so they, too, can help.

Outside of the impacted states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, South Dakota tops the charts in the percentage of Red Cross volunteers per capita who have deployed.

Jennifer Ross, Executive Director of the Eastern South Dakota chapter of the Red Cross, says South Dakotans from all across the state have responded to the Red Cross' request.

“It is not surprising that South Dakotans are stepping up to help those in need. Every day, I have the privilege of working with Red Cross volunteers who train and prepare to provide comfort, food, and shelter to anyone affected by a disaster.”

U.S. officials are reporting damage of at least $6 billion, making Matthew the costliest hurricane since Sandy in 2012.

South Dakotans can help support the response to Hurricane Matthew by making a donation to the Red Cross.  More information is available at

Source: American Red Cross


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