You've got a first date. Here's how to increase your chances of getting a second.

A survey of nearly 2,200 people in Britain asked what's the most unattractive thing someone can do on a first date. Seventy-seven percent said a lame pickup line, making it the top answer. It also makes it the most surprising, since you've already scored the date and don't need to bust out that "You're the only 10 I see" nonsense.

The rest of the list features traits even remedial daters who've taken their cousins to the prom would know.

Worst Things to Do on a First Date

  • A cheesy pickup line - 77%
  • Bad teeth - 65%
  • Pay too much attention to their cell phone - 64%
  • Arrogance - 53%
  • Lack of hygiene - 52%

Other things mentioned including not offering to pay and being rude to the wait staff. That, of course, leaves a slew of other behaviors to avoid, like railing against Trump (or Clinton), discussing why that mysterious boil won't go away, taking off your socks, bringing your mom along with you, hitting on the person sitting next to you or hitting the person next to you. Just to name a few.

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