What makes Dot's Pretzels so good? Love...that's what...love! But they have been sold. So what happens now?

If you've never had Dot's Pretzels you don't know what you are missing. They are described as “crunchy pretzel twists, seasoned with a secret blend of butter, spices and other ingredients”.

Dot's Pretzels is a family-owned business that was started in 2012 in the Velva, North Dakota home of Dorothy "Dot" Henke.

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They now have pretzel bakeries in North Dakota, Arizona, and Kansas. It was announced this week that the prospering business has been sold to none other than Hershey Company.

MarketWatch.com says Hershey's Company purchased Dot's Homestyle Pretzels and Pretzels Inc. for $1.2 billion.

Business founder Dorothy "Dot" Henke stated in a news release that, "I created my pretzels to share with those people closest to me and have built the business with the idea of sharing them with everyone. With Hershey behind this amazing brand, I am confident that anyone who would like to enjoy these deliciously bold pretzels will have the opportunity."

It's an interesting story as to how Dorothy Henke came up with her popular pretzel recipe. She apparently

Henke bought a package of Buttery Spindle Pretzels and decided to try improving on their flavor by adding different spices at her home in Velva, North Dakota. Once she came up with her now-famous product she began sharing them with family and friends.

Once folks tried them and enjoyed them, they wanted to buy them. And the rest is what makes "a small-town recipe" with "big-time flavor” snack-food history.


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