March 21 of each year is designated something I think we need a lot more of these days - and that would be common courtesy. Wouldn't you agree?

It seems like since the inception of social media a lot of the world has lost its "filter." We have no qualms posting whatever we want online even if it hurts someone.

Everyday I see things posted that makes me cringe. And then I think to myself, "Do they realize what they're saying?" or "They can't really think that, can they?"

Maybe it's the fact that social media provides people with something to "hide behind" - you can just throw something out there and then stand back and watch the carnage unfold.

Unless it's something really over the top, it seems like no one is ever held responsible for what they write anymore - and that bothers me.

If you're going to throw a bomb (per say) into a crowded room, you should have to stick around to pay the price and clean up the mess.

I realize there are those who love nothing more than to stir the pot, but I have to wonder if there also isn't a grain of truth in what they're writing - a glimpse into their soul if you will.

Some of the crazy things you read online frankly scares me to death. Is it just to get a rise out of people or do they really think that way?

So my challenge to you today - on National Common Courtesy Day - is to really think about what you're posting on Facebook or Twitter. Would you say it to someone's face?

My Grandpa used to say, "A little common courtesy can go an awful long ways."

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