If eating at McDonald's was an Olympic sport, I would have multiple gold medals and plenty of trips to the fast food podium.

That said, of all the things I've eaten at McDonald's, the elusive Szechuan sauce has never touched my lips.

Hopefully, that will change soon as the cult-like phenomenon known as "McDonald's Szechuan Sauce" is returning on March 31 including in South Dakota.

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The Szechuan sauce will be available only while supplies last and will only be available through the McDonalds app.

So don't be the guy holding up the line while I'm trying to get my first taste of the Szechuan sauce because you don't have the app.

A cool little twist to the packaging will include five different covers that spell out "Szechuan".

Since the Szechuan sauce debuted during a promotion of the movie "Milan", Mcdonald's has only rolled out the special sauce on a couple of occasions.

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For more information on Mcdonald's, their South Dakota locations, and other news surrounding the company, you can visit their website.


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