Every year my wife works hard getting ready for the holidays. It's a good thing she enjoys it because according to what it would cost to hire someone to do everything she does, I couldn't afford it.

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to pay someone to do everything your wife or mother does to get ready for Christmas?

The folks at the Daily Mirror have done the math. They claim if mothers got paid for preparing for Christmas they would earn close to $30,000 for their work.

They break it down into 11 jobs that Moms do every Christmas without compensation. Here are some of the numbers.

  • 46 hours cooking at $50 an hour
  • 96 hours choosing gifts at $30 an hour
  • 12 hours making costumes for nativity plays at $25 an hour
  • 62 hours organizing events at $60 an hour
  • 32 hours as a party hostess at $75 an hour

So the average Mom is expected to put together a $30,000 dollar Christmas experience. Now that's some pressure!

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