What terrifies you now that as a kid never even concerned you? That is a question on AskReddit that generated a lot of answers.

We talked about it on the show this morning and people sent in a lot of interesting answers that I would not have thought of.


While not a fear, it's a thing that irritates me now. Not so much because they exist, but because of the tasks involved with dealing with them for my small side business and filing our annual taxes.

Trying new food

I'm still somewhat this way. I'm more afraid of being let down by trying new food than actually being afraid of the new food itself.


I don't fault anyone for this one. Some are just creepy. And have you seen Killer Clowns From Outer Space?

Swimming in a lake

This one was the most interesting to me. Swimming in a manmade reservoir or glacial lake has never concerned me. I replied to ask why they had such a fear and got this clarification.

Just never know what big fish are down in those deep waters lol I have heard of catfish getting up to 6-8 feet long if not even longer and yea just never know ha. Just never know what's in those dark waters.

I'm sure a big ol' catfish has brushed up against me. But around here the only thing that concerns me is accidentally getting too close to a snapping turtle.

I’m now petrified of getting sick. As a kid it just meant watching cartoons all day.

Definitely. Being sick was like a vacation day as a kid. Actually being sick now is so much more painful, not to mention inconvenient.

We got a few that were in reverse order, like how I wanted so badly to jump out of a plane as a kid, and now as an adult, I'm only doing it if I get paid a large sum of money or the plane is about to crash.

What I was most afraid as a child was starting on fire. Every Friday from kindergarten to first grade we had safety pup and learning about stop drop and roll cuz we're going to catch on fire. I figured by now 30 years later that I'd caught on fire at least 10 times by now, lol!

Every week? Seems like that program was designed to terrify children into not playing with matches. Which I did and nearly burned down the block with a neighbor kid.

Thought quicksand was going to be more of a deal. I was terrified of going anywhere that may have it when I was a kid.

I was totally with this one. I've never seen quicksand ever in my life. But it was the bottomless deathtrap of a scourge of life in seemingly most of the cartoons I watched as a kid.

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