As soon as Super Bowl 56 was set between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, fans across the country began searching the interweb looking for nuggets of information for the big game.

Whether it was information about the quarterbacks, betting odds or Super Bowl history, fans have flocked to the information highway to capture as much knowledge as possible.

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So what is the most googled Super Bowl question from South Dakota?

The answer is, "Who has the most rings on a NFL team?".

And for those wondering, the answer is 6 Super Bowl rings for Tom Brady with the New England Patriots, while the GOAT has a total of 7 after winning a ring last year with Tampa Bay.

As for our friends to the east, the most googled Super Bowl question in Iowa is a similar question to South Dakota, "Who has the most Super Bowl wins in the NFL?", while Minnesotan's are wondering "Who won the Super Bowl in 2020?".

The only question that fans are wanting the answer to for Super Bowl LVI is who will win the game and on Sunday, we will find out whether it will be the Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals.

If you would like to see all the other most googled questions from each state and other data on Super Bowl LVI, you can visit for some more fun tidbits for the big game.

For more information on the Super Bowl, the Rams and Bengals as well as more information on the National Football League, you can visit the league website.


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