A family with kids returning to school later this month is most likely doing one of three things right now. Still enjoying summer vacation. Seeing the kids head off to some sports practice. Or going through the checklist of thinks they will need for the first day of classes.

As the countdown is on it usually falls on the parents to make sure their household is in order, prepared and on time right?

Now when it comes time to load that backpack do you have any idea what your kids will need? If not the School District has spelled it out grade by grade.

I found something interesting here. The list grows a little more for each age group as they get older. Except for grades 9-12. Hmmmm!

And don't forget the earbuds or headphones.

Didn't need those when I was in school.

One more thing. What are they going to wear?

Sioux Falls Public Schools first day of class is Thursday, August 23. Then a week later students get a 4-day weekend for Labor Day.

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