There has been some controversy in Sioux Falls in regards to the green pedestal boxes showing up recently in yards around the city.

These green pedestal boxes are being placed in people's yards by Vast Broadband as part of expanding high-speed internet to citizens of Sioux Falls.

The controversy is that apparently nobody folks before the pedestal boxes were placed in their yards. But what about those other big green metal boxes in Sioux Falls yards? Do you know what purpose they serve?

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Turns out they are Electrical Utility Transformers. Remember when you used to see electrical transformers hanging on poles with wires going from house to house? Well, now there are electrical lines that are buried underground throughout Sioux Falls.

Those front yard utility boxes are called pad-mounted transformers and they function the same as the pole-mounted cylinders do only below ground which is they take the higher voltage electricity from the street and take it down to the 110 voltage you use in your home.

The consensus is that underground power lines are safer for neighborhoods. You don't experience downed lines due to trees or storms, ice, or weather. Also, people don't have to be concerned about electrocution by having to trip tree branches on power lines.

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