As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge once again, the ramifications from that continue to effect all of our daily lives and now it is effecting the West Central School District in Hartford and Humboldt once again.

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On Monday, the West Central School District announced that the West Central High School would be forced to switch to virtual learning beginning on Tuesday, January 18.

Citing illnesses to employees along with a lack of substitutes, the school is unable to provide enough staffing at this time.

In addition to the news at the High School, the school district also announced that their elementary schools and middle school would be shifting to the "yellow" phase in which all students/staff would once again be required to wear masks along with other mitigating measures.

All parents and staff received a email on the news along with information on what the phase change means in addition to expected timelines for the changes.

The West Central School District joins thousands of districts across the country that continue to be short staffed due to the pandemic and are doing their best to adjust with the students best interest in mind.

Currently according to the email, the Humboldt and Hartford elementary schools and the middle school will switch to the "yellow" phase for the rest of the week and will be reevaluated then.

The High School's decision to move to virtual learning will stay in effect until the end of this week as well.

Hopefully, this is a temporary move as the West Central School District continues to try and provide the safest learning opportunity possible considering the ever changing COVID-19 landscape.


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