If you are diving I-90, about 25 miles west of Sioux Falls, you might notice some large sculptures out in the middle of a prairie.  They were the creation of Wayne Porter, a metal sculptor who was born in 1959 in South Dakota.

His metal art is large in size and much of it is comprised of junk metal.One of his largest projects to date is the bull head that rests on the prairie near the Montrose exit. It is 60 feet tall and weighs more than 25 tons!

After speaking with Mr. Porter, I learned one can actually go inside the epic creation. There, you'll find a gargoyle that is being tortured and a few spiders.

Most people find it rather scary." - artist/sculptor Wayne Porter

I addition to having been mentioned in Time magazine and the Boston Globe, Fox News just ranked it as 1 of the 7 of the weirdest sculpture parks in the world.

Porter Sculpture Park features over 40 larger-than-life, recycled metal structures and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Who knows...you may even meet the man himself.

Horse head sculpture near Montrose exit, South Dakota
courtesy of portersculpturepark.com



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