My sister Tessa has been making all sorts of amazing concoctions with her juicer. My daughter and I are her steady taste testers.

I had no idea the difference between firing up a blender and a juicer made, but she has quickly made me a believer in this juicing craze.

I'm really good at sweating during work outs, most times I don't even need a workout to start the sweat beads rolling.

I've tried multiple things in my hydration quest:

  • Sports Drinks: usually come with a high sugar content.
  • Drinking A Gallon of Water a Day: I really don't have time to pee all day
  • Coconut Water: this has been my favorite option so far

But recently my sister has been keeping my sweaty self-hydrated with this cooling delicious Watermelon Splash.

I slam a glass a glass of her Watermelon Splash before my workout and one glass after.

According to National Calendar Day it happens to be "National Pink Day" and" National Hydration Day", so I thought I would share this drink my sister has been juicing for me.

The recipe is simple, but will keep you fueled, hydrated, and your taste buds wearing thousands of tiny smiley faces.

Watermelon Splash Recipe:

1/2 Large Watermelon and 1.5 limes. This is made in a juicer. If you only have access to a blender you can blend the watermelon strain it in a nut milk bag or cheese cloth, this will make your make your juice nice and smooth. Then add your the lime juice to the strained watermelon juice.

Water Melon and Lime
Photo by Instagram @ gangster_rap_and_adventures

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Sources: National Calendar Day / gangster_rap_and_adventures

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