When you are aching to hit the lake after a winter of being cooped up all winter you can travel to find some water or make your own.

This past Saturday I was at SCHEELS Outdoor Expo and took in something I had never seen before.

SCHEELS Outdoor Expo is known for product vendors, specials, prizes to sign up to win, and entertainment.

Saturday was hovering around 50 degrees and a cold wind that wouldn't make you think it was water sport weather.

The SCHEELS parking lot had giant pools and jumps set up for the team of wet suit wearing trick inducing athletes from Orlando.

I am always impressed by talented people, and the amount of time, talent and dedication it takes to be able to do any extreme sports.

When you can pull off tricks or stunts I could never achieve with no matter how much practice you got my respect and attention.

I was blown away not only by the tricks these guys could do, but the fact that they could do them in this small space in a parking lot!

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