The huge derecho that ripped through South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa on Tuesday, July 5 was the second one to hit the area this summer. It was more of the same; hurricane-force straight-line winds, large hail, dangerous thunderstorms, and even a couple of tornadoes.

But the one thing that had everyone talking in the Sioux Falls area was the incredible green color of the sky behind the front. While a green sky during a thunderstorm isn't exactly rare, I would say the magnitude of this one was different. I certainly hadn't seen a green sky quite like that in the 25 years I've been in the upper Midwest.

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Many people were taken to social media during the storm posting pictures and videos of the green sky as it rolled into Sioux Falls. You can see some of the Twitter posts here.

Now there is a new video of the green skies that was posted showing how dramatic the color really was. Check out the video below.

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