Would you be able to keep a secret for several weeks about winning $100,000? There are twin brothers in Iowa along with a fellow Dordt University student who did just that.

Alex and Derek Koops of Sioux Center, Iowa, and Lyle Broughton of Massachusetts formed Team Dominerds and are the new "Domino Masters" on FOX's new hit show.

With 10-years of practice, the Koop brothers have been honing their craft, even setting up their own YouTube channel DaksDominos.

If your memory is good you'll remember several years ago on the Johnny Carson Show this was A THING when Bob Speca was the King of Dominos.

And later on The David Letterman Show.

18 Annoying Things that People in the Midwest are Doing

You know those Post-it notes that you used to put up on your mirrors or around your house to remind you of different things. Well, some people in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin could use a whole pile of those to put up all over their world because they need some refreshers on a few basic things. Most are about driving but there are a few other moments in life that you'll realize annoy you too.

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