It's a video and story that has been making its way onto many people's Facebook pages, mine included.  I will admit, when I first saw the shared video and story, I almost didn't watch.  But after viewing the video and hearing his story, I'm so glad I did.

The story is about a man and his love for the American flag.  The man's name is Charles E. Turner, Sr.  He is a disabled Army veteran that lives in Eminence, Kentucky.  Many know him as "Poppy", but many are now adding him to their Facebook Friend list and calling him a hero.

Poppy doesn't consider himself anything other than just a 'man who has served his Country.'  But he has done so with great pride!  And to show the love that he has for his country, he has proudly displayed his American flag outside his house.

He says he hasn't offended anyone, and doesn't understand why something like this would happen.  But Poppy considers this disrespectful act to his beloved American flag  "a nightmare".  Watching this disabled vet clutch what is left of one of his most prized possessions, as he struggles to hold back tears, then tell the world just how much this American flag has meant to him, will not only tug at your heart, but hopefully give you a sense of patriotism to our country and what the American flag stands for.

Poppy is already a hero to many because he served this great country.  But many are also calling him a hero for being the better man....and forgiving whoever destroyed his American flag.