There is always a reason to watch to the end of a game if you are holding a ticket for one of the Las Vegas sportsbooks.

On Sunday, that was never more true than during the Vikings and Saints epic finish at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

The Vikings would win the NFC Divisional Playoff game and advance to the NFC Championship game.

The bigger story though for bettors in Vegas was the final score as it had so much to do with the final touchdown and subsequent kneel down by Minnesota.

The Vikings opened as a 3.5 point favorite but that line continued to grow as most of the bets were coming in on Minnesota and by game time the line was at -5.5.

So when Stefon Diggs scored the game winning touchdown, it made the score 29-24 and by NFL rule you have to attempt the extra point.

Chaos had broken out on the field and even though it was a formality, they had to line up for the extra point.

If they would of kicked the extra point, many New Orleans Saints backers would of lost their mind with the backdoor cover for Minnesota, but instead it was Vikings backers who bet late that were the angry ones with the kneel down by the Vikings.

Here's the reaction from one local sportsbook in Las Vegas when the kneel down occurred.


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