I went to a Sundance last summer in South Dakota and every morning at sunrise, Carl played the most beautiful songs on his flute.

I asked Carl where a guy can buy a flute worth playing, he pointed me in the direction of a good company and gave me some beginner flute tips.

I've just been tinkering with some songs, and last week tried piecing together Amazing Grace.

In South Dakota the weather changes minute to minute, and if there is a 10% chance of a storm it usually means we can expect something 100%.

Fathers Day there was a 100% chance of storms, and even though the weather folks couldn't pinpoint the exact time it finally came when the sun went to bed.

With God on lead storm, I decided to play backup on my crow flute, and we made this little video.

When the thunder started to roll in, and the rain started to fall I played a little flute music to give the weather a soundtrack.

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