I've been trying to capture some beautiful orange South Dakota sunrises this week. I've learned a few things about the cold mornings and mother nature in my adventures before the Midwest sun cleans the sleep out of the corner of her eyes.

Lesson one: you might be able to handle the cold, but your phone might not have been cold weather friendly. I have a newer phone, not the newest, but it's only a year old. The phone has only been able to hang outside in the cold morning temps for about fifteen minutes. My phone randomly powers down after being outside in the cold at around the fifteen minute mark.

This little hiccup in the plan has made me plan a little more for sunrise, and wait until the suns just right. Knowing my time is limited I get as many pictures in as I can in the cold weather window.

The second lesson is: don't offer wildlife a ride unless you are prepared for them to take you up on the offer. I saw this skunk and thought my daughter would enjoy it if I captured the little critter on video and did some commentary and offer him a ride.

The skunk appears to want a ride until I tell him what direction I'm heading, and we realize we have different destinations. No hard feelings furry friend, travel well buddy.

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