You don't see this very often on a baseball field.

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Watch as an umpire saves a kid from a "Dust Devil" during a 7U Youth baseball game.

The young catcher gets caught up in this "twister" and that is when the quick-thinking umpire comes to his rescue and removes him from this "Dust Devil".

While these "Dust Devils" may not be as strong as an actual tornado, they can still inflict damage or injury upon those who may get caught up in them.

Jomboy Meida via Twitter
Jomboy Meida via Twitter

Luckily, this umpire did not hesitate to get this kid out of harm's way.

According to those there watching the game, the weather seemed to be fine in the area as this "Dustnado' came out of nowhere.

The young catcher did not seem to be injured in this incident, but I would bet that he was shaken up from it.

I can't imagine his parents having to watch this in real-time.

Here's the bizarre incident which was all caught on camera.

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