In a matchup of two of people's least favorite animals, a video recently surfaced of an opossum pushing an unaware skunk right into a pond. The video's been such a hit, it even won an award. Do yourself a favor and take 20 seconds to watch this.

In the video, the oblivious skunk walks over to a pond in the dead of night to get a drink of water. As it's drinking, an opossum just happens to be walking along the same path and seemingly can't resist pushing its smelly neighbor into the water. Maybe it was trying to give the skunk a bath?

The video was actually a winner in the 2020 Trail Camera Contest and it had some stiff competition too. Other entries included a giant elk taking a bath, a mother black bear feeding her very vocal cubs, a rare Michigan lynx chasing a squirrel across a dead tree, and even a South Dakota entry of a coyote, surveying the landscape on a quiet night.

Watch the 20-second video from trailcampro in the clip below. And to see the full list of trail cam animal videos from Trail Cam Pro's Video Contest, click here. I'll tell you right now, they're pretty entertaining.

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