There are somewhere between four and 400 candidates for Mayor.

I am going to assume I am the one you have probably never heard of and also have very little to absolutely no chance of winning.

I am an unheard of underdog, I am the the low candidate on the list, no budget, no team, but that has not kept me from making this official announcement today.

The fact I just decided this morning in the shower should not make you count me out as a seriously not so serious candidate.

Don't let the fact I don't have enough signatures, haven't filled out any paperwork, and I own very few shirts that have buttons on them skew your view of me as Mayor.

All I ask from you as voters is to take three minutes as a concerned voting citizen and watch the above video.

Since we are about a month away from voting, I'm sure there will be plenty of doubters out there but that's OK I feel I have plenty of time to win your vote.

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