If you've lived in the Midwest long enough, you've seen hail. However, not many have seen an event like one that just happened in a small town in Kansas. The hail fell so intensely and fast that it overwhelmed drivers with a literal river of hail that fell in just minutes.

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Storm Chaser Brad Arnold was in Pratt, Kansas when he documented this crazy weather. Here's his quick backstory:

Insane amount of hail fell in a short period of time in Pratt, KS. The heavy rain and hail led to some damage and street flooding.

Brad is not exaggerating. The hail is falling so fast that visibility is reduced to almost zero.

Interactive Hail Maps shows this crazy event happened on May 9, 2023 in the early evening hours with many reporting half-dollar-sized hail. Some even saw ping pong ball-sized hail. It was part of a thunderstorm that roared through Pratt which also brought down some large trees.

Pratt, Kansas is located in the south-central part of the state to the west of Wichita. Only around 6,000 residents call the town home. This same storm would later bring big wind to Wichita.

Thanks to Storm Chaser Brad Arnold for his video share. He's worth a follow on YouTube.

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