Speak with anyone who has a bird feeder and they'll probably tell you about their lifelong battles keeping away the relentless, and quite often, ingenious squirrel. But, more often than not, the squirrel comes out on top.

We should be able to outsmart a rodent, right? Well, try these simple, yet effective, fail-proof tactics and you'll surely have a squirrel-free spring and summer in your yard.

  • Spray Your Bird Feeder Polls With Cooking Oil: Every morning before you go to work, or leave for the day, spray down all of the polls that connect to your bird feeders. Doing this will ensure the squirrels will slide right off. It will also ensure an abundance of laughter if you happen to catch them in the act.
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  • Use a Slinky: Don't believe me? Check out this video from Rick Wolf on YouTube.

Other ways you can protect your back yard bird feeders include:

  • Buying a feeder poll that is manufactured to prevent squirrels from getting up it
  • Offer foods that squirrels won't eat (such as safflower seed)
  • Use hot pepper spray, or mix it with your birdseed to keep squirrels out! Only mammals (including humans and squirrels) have a harsh reaction to hot peppers. For birds, it causes absolutely no reaction.

Squirrels are determined animals, as we all know, so it may take a combination of these strategies to keep them at bay. For more good tips, check out this article from Bird Watching HQ

And to see squirrels sliding off the poll from cooking spray, see the YouTube video below.

Story Source: Back Yard Files via YouTube

Story Source: Bird Watching HQ

Story Source: Rick Wolf via YouTube

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