It's that time of year when the outdoor critters are on the move and seeking warmer shelter.

Tiny little furry mice for most the population are not that scary. Mice on the move do have the incredible ability to startle most people when they come scurrying out of nowhere.

When I walked into the radio station studio early one morning I thought I saw something move across the floor. I looked around and didn't see anything, so I assumed it was a shadow from me moving around. I thought it was a shadow until I went to turn on my microphone and this little grey guy took a quick trip across the counter.

I went into our break room to grab a couple of cups to try and catch my new radio friend. When I came back into the studio he was just hanging out by my headphones and appeared to be enjoying Brantley Gilberts song Bottoms Up.

I let him finish jamming out and then grabbed our digital guru Tony to film me trying to catch and release this little guy. I think I might be seeing him again since once we let him outside he seemed to head right back to the building we just took him out of.

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