Two of my favorite things on this planet are music, and humans helping humans.

Fine Arts for Friedreich's Ataxia is combining the love for people, and an evening of entertainment.

This upcoming June 28th, show will feature high school performers staging musical theatre numbers from well-known Broadway musicals.

In the above video I got a chance at a quick Q n A with the Fine Arts for Friedreich's Ataxia Curtain Call Call For a Cure Crew.

From the Fine Arts for Friedeich's Ataxia press release:

The idea for FA for FA began with a beloved girl, Raena Brendtro. Raena, a fellow musical theater performer in our community, was diagnosed with FA on May 30th of 2013. FA is a debilitating, life-shortening neuromuscular disorder that affects about 50,000 people worldwide. Students from the Sioux Falls area were touched by her struggles and felt that far too many people were unaware of the life altering effects FA has on people. As students, we wanted to inform the community about the seriousness of Friedreich’s Ataxia through creative means. As a result, Fine Arts for Friedreich’s Ataxia was born.


While they were in the studio they gave us a sample Fine Arts for Friedreich's Ataxia preview performance.

The full Curtain Call Call For a Cure show is June 28th, at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux Falls.

For more details on Fine Arts for Friedreich's Ataxia's Curtain Call Call For a Cure and tickets check out the Sioux Falls Theatre website.

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