Trav talking new kids fireworks with Kevin, owner of Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks Tea Exit 73.

Lighting fireworks is one of those things that excites the kid inside of us, and the lighter fingers are itching to get going.

Also featured at Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks are the Neon line for 4th of July fun. Light up your night with some Neon lights from Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks. Neon Glow Fireworks make Neon Bottle Rockets, Neon Sparklers, Neon Roman Candles, Neon Lights 500 gram fountain, and more Neon products to add something extra cool to the sky on the 4th of July.

While you check out the all the fireworks make sure to see the latest in launching technology the FIREFLY the revolutionary wireless fireworks firing system.

If you want to impress the kids by firing your fireworks from your mobile device check out all the FIREFLY has to offer this 4th of July.

To see all of Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks locations check out their website, or the Black Cat Pyro City Fireworks Facebook.

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