Hanging out with Maggie, and The Fireworkz Store team for an afternoon before the 4th we talked a lot of fireworks.

I had my eyes opened to how fireworks have evolved over the years, and Snaps were just one area.

When I was a  kid chasing parachutes that launched out of tubes through my parents field was a highlight of the 4th.

Parachutes now days are bigger, a lot bigger.

One of the parachute fireworks shot out a 10 ft diameter shoot, with a fully attached plastic army guy attached.

Smoke balls that used to make smoke for a few seconds, now blow smoke for minutes.

And snaps that used to be fun for multiple reason, have now been joined by Adult Snaps.

These snaps you would not get away with doing, what we used to do with the regular small white popping packs.

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