I'll admit I don't get competitive eating competitions much the same as I don't understand food fights.  With so much of the world lacking sustainable food sources this just seems a bit arrogant.

I'm not sure which is more annoying in this video, the blantend hedonistic display of food consumption for sport or the endless over-the-top screaming from the event emcee?

But hey, that's just me.  On Saturday in Las Vegas the #1 ranked eater Matt Stonie set a new world record as he ate 10 pounds of what they described as "delicious Martorano's pasta" in just eight minutes.

I wonder if it stopped being so 'delicious' after about the first pound and a half?  The winner received $4000.00 for his efforts.  I'm guessing his mom is very proud.

Well anyway here's the video.

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