Just when you thought you knew someone you find out information about them that makes you say "wow"!

It's especially intriguing that such information almost always surfaces especially if that person is famous and has been dead for many years.  Take the case of Frank Sinatra.

It's a known fact that Sinatra had ties to the mafia while he was alive.  The fact that he was one of the most well known performers of his era, made this relationship especially titillating to the public.

According to mandatory.com, the chairman of the board was also working for the CIA.   Sinatra's daughter Tina, says the FBI had been trying for years to reel him in.  But it was his relationship with the mob that made him attractive to the CIA.

The CIA allegedly paid Frank Sinatra to work as a courier.  Because he often traveled on private jets, he could be counted on to transport valuable information and individuals without too much trouble.

If this is the case, Sinatra just may be one of America's unsung heroes.  Pardon the pun.  Is it possible that he did intelligence work his way?