I offer that you consider this story as sort of a tongue in cheek analogy, of how Bow Hunters in particular 'already know some of the best tips to not contact Coronavirus or COVID-19.'

Think about it. When hunting, the Big Buck on your hunting property, you have to use some thought about getting into your stand [or in this case a grocery store] and out undetected.

1. Play the wind. Ok, there's no wind in a grocery store or any place you may have to go but you can play the time of day. Sure, there may be more toilet paper and cleaning supplies early in the morning, but a little drive-by scouting may reveal a better time to do your hunting. [Or in this case gathering.]

2. Watch what you wear. Bowhunters go to insane lengths to keep clothing scent-free. In this COVID-10 world, reverse the process. Have a place to leave the clothing that you wore out, in a container before you come back into your bedding area. Or bag it and take directly to a hot dryer. Have a place to leave outdoor shoes in a garage or pantry before you come in. Experts say you could even stand them in a 'shallow pan' with disinfectant as to keep the bottom of your footwear cleaner. [extremists are saying shoes bring back as many problems as anything and take them off and exchange for a pair of house slippers

3. Don't touch that branch. Bowhunters go OUT of their way to not touch things. They know a wary old buck has a sharp nose. When you're in a store or public place, use your eyes to do the hunting as much as you need. Do you really need to touch every freakin' cucumber on display?  Touch only what you need to. Remember, the Bowhunter is smart about only touching things that a deer might smell with 'clean gloves on.' And do you need to rub against a counter or shelving? Are you starting to see the connection here? How we bow hunt, is how we could 'go out' shopping more mindfully in this CORONAVIRUS world.

4. Use a different route. When you're in the store, pick your route to what you need carefully. Sure the store manager has meticulously planned routes to get you to buy more, but by thinking ahead you may be able to get just outside the bedding area undetected and with little disturbance as possible. [remember to use your binoculars to check on the toilet paper aisle from a distance] If it's not there, don't go there creating more unnecessary traffic. If traffic patterns are designated, not rushing, and keeping your distance is similar to 'waiting till there's' a little light to sneak to your stand.

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5. Don't take it with you if you don't need it. Smart hunters pack a driver's license and debit card in their pocket. Take it to another level by having your list on paper and not on your phone. You'll keep your phone cleaner and safer when it's in a locked car and not being touched after you've touched items in the store. The less you carry with you, the less you touch and take back to your home.

6. Get in and get out, undisturbed. Wait in line to check out the best you can, or better yet, use self-checkout.

7. Use your facemask. In fact, I suggest hunters show their colors by going full camo when you can! The face paint that some use; probably not as effective!

Bowhunting big deer is the ultimate chess game. Those that pay attention to detail are usually the hunters that get the big deer. People have looked at us like we're CRAZY with all the scent-free clothing, spraying down and other extremes we go to to get close to a big deer. Just reverse the process and you could add another level to the phrase social distancing.

The 'discipline' of bowhunting has taught me many lessons. This article isn't to alarm, just to get you thinking. Many of you already have awesome skills that could be used, to keep you and your family safer.

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