I love a good pizza as much as anyone. And there are a lot of great breakfast pizzas. I'm not sure if this is one of them?

According to KCRG.com Fong's Pizza, in Des Moines, Iowa, is making some buzz because they created a breakfast pizza called “Loopy Fruits”. It's a thin-crust breakfast pizza topped with sour cream frosting, mozzarella cheese, Greek Yogurt, condensed milk, and of course Froot Loops cereal.

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Judging from some of the social media comments folks are a bit skeptical about Fong's Loopy Fruits breakfast pizza....

Ty Rushing: “Ranch on Froot Loops Pizza. I don't have the words to explain the controversy here.”

Jonathan H. Gray: “Can we also, perhaps, consider never going to Iowa for any conceivable reason?”

New Jersey: “Stick to corn.”

Shane Lantz: “Can confirm that both Fong's and breakfast pizza are delicious. Froot Loops? We shall see.”

Ark147: “Ok, I see why Wisconsin and Minnesota hate y'all now.”

Jason Krasnopolskey: “I can somewhat understand pineapple in Hawaiian Pizza, but Froot Loops on Pizza!? No, just No!!!”

DivaEllaShane: “Okay, I am not judgy, but Froot Loops on PIZZA? The only question is whether New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut sends the delegation to avenge the honor of pie everywhere!

Aunt Nanci: “I just noticed that we carry Fruity Pebbles Coffeemate. To hell with it. Have the Froot Loops pizza. Frosted Flakes on spaghetti. Chex Wellington.”

Jim Dozier: “A fruit loops and frosting pizza would make some sense like a big round pop tart kind of thing. But cheese with fruit loops? That’s heresy of the highest order.”

What do you think? Would you order up and chow down on Fong's Loopy Fruits breakfast pizza?

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