A brawl that broke out inside of a Walmart store has gone viral and it ends in a cloud of smoke. Video shows the entrance of the store in shambles as one person sprays a fire extinguisher while people throw objects around.

Twitter via @ClownWorld_
Twitter via @ClownWorld_

As customers attempted to checkout at one Walmart store, they had to traverse through a brawl that had erupted near the entrance of the store.

At least ten people were involved in the scuffle, as just about anything that was reachable was turned into a weapon.


Onlookers were shocked as the brawl spread throughout the front of the store.

Many on social media are reacting to the ugly scene.

Violent Walmart Brawl Goes Viral

See one angle of the incident via @ClownWorld_ on Twitter below.

See another angle, where the fire extinguisher is used, via @Antman0704 on Twitter here.

Reactions to the incident below.

Some wondered if Walmart had security, as these types of incidents seem to be a regular occurrence.

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