Caught on video in late February 2018, this footage of possible UFOs over Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The video was filmed by an unidentified Sioux Falls resident in their backyard.

Are those three lights proof of a visit by beings from another galaxy? Could they possibly be interdimensional travel pods? They even could be a sort of time travel device.

Why are the lights moving in that distinct formation, or pattern? Are they signing something? Are they attempting to open their quantum wormhole and travel across the Bifrost to their home?

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To be fair, there is a possibility, a very small possibility, that these could just be spotlights reflecting off the clouds. but really, this is Sioux Falls, not Hollywood in 1948. I really don't think that there were any big, star studded movie premieres in our city this year. That's all those lights are used for, right? That and to call Batman.

Ohh!!! Maybe we have a Sioux Falls version of Cominisser Gorden, and he was sending a communique to Sioux Falls' own Batman!! Yes, that makes sense. As much sense as any other possibility.

Or they could be spotlights.

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