Who knew that a video featuring women from Aberdeen, South Dakota crocheting plastic bags would be such a success? With over 1 million views on Facebook, this how-to video, that was originally filmed one-year ago, didn't start out as an on-line video that people couldn't stop watching. But for some reason, unknown to the church ladies, since February, there has been a huge surge of viewers and comments.

The 90 second video of women from Aberdeen's Our Savior Lutheran Church already has about 45,000 shares and over 1,300 comments on Facebook - most saying good things and asking how the plastic bag mats are made.

Meeting every Monday afternoon for coffee, treats, conversation and of course - crocheting, the ladies from Our Savior Lutheran Church say there is no shortage of plastic bags for their project and they will gladly continue to accept more - especially if the plastic bags are colored. The colored plastic bags give each mat a splash of color and can be dropped off at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Aberdeen.

Each plastic bag mat takes between 500-700 plastic bags to complete. When finished, the mat will be about three feet wide and around six feet long.

After the mats are complete, they are shipped to countries including India, Haiti and the Philippines.

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