Lake Poinsett is about an hour and a half north of Sioux Falls and is a popular destination for campers, fishermen, and lake lovers.

Early Tuesday morning as thunderstorms moved through the area a major fire broke out at Lake Poinsett Estates Campground. They posted this vivid video of the blaze on their Facebook page and noted the following:

6/9/2020. 3:31 am. Lake Poinsett Campground Fire.
Hamlin County Sheriffs Deputy was one of first on the scene! He ran from camper to camper beating on them making sure everyone was out of them!
To my knowledge no injuries. Firefighters from all over right in the middle of the fight! Pray for our firefighters! And all law enforcement that are here! Please stay safe!
Hamlin County Emergency Management was one of first to get here too! Hell of a team effort from all the local communities!!

Courtesy of Mike Tanner
Courtesy of Mike Tanner

6/9/2020 3:43 am. Lots of explosions. Thinking propane tanks? Fuel tanks? Stored gasoline?

Thank you to ALL the first responders! Some campers and vehicles were lost! But they saved the majority of the campground! And above all don’t think anyone was hurt!

That’s all for tonight! .. from dealing with those severe storms followed by a major fire..well that’s enough for an old man! Goodnight!

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