The Vermillion School District held an important meeting on Monday evening, November 8th to determine whether or not its schools will implement transgender restroom policies.

The vote is in. The Vermillion School District is officially the first school district in the state of South Dakota to adopt transgender policies when it comes to individuals utilizing school restrooms.

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Dakota News Now is reporting that the Vermillion School District voted 3-2 on "the policy that will allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that correspond with the gender with which they identify." Vermillion School Board President Doug Peterson was one of the three members who voted for the transgender bathroom policy to be instituted in the school district. Vermillion School Board President Doug Peterson tells Dakota News Now that he hopes "this policy can be an example for the entire nation."

This is a huge milestone and a progressive decision for Vermillion as well as for the state of South Dakota. Based on the comments posted on Dakota News Now's Facebook page, people have mixed feelings about this announcement.

Some of the comments from Dakota News Now's Facebook page include the following:

  • So does this include locker and shower rooms as well? Does anyone think about the privacy or how this effects those who identify with the gender they truly are? Seems they don't. All this has become concerning. It is not the norm nor should it become the norm.
  • Three cheers for Vermillion School! At least you recognize that some students are accepted for who they are. All humans deserved to be treated equally!
  • It is a sad day...

What are your thoughts about the vote from the Vermillion School District?


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