March Madness has a whole new meaning now!

A CBS affiliate out of Philadelphia just did a story about how vasectomies in the month of March increase by 30%.

And yes, college basketball has something to do with it.

Vasectomies are minimally invasive, but do require a couple days of taking it easy and icing. A lot of icing. So guys figure, if I get this procedure done then I have an excuse to sit at home and watch basketball.

It's actually kind of smart.

The doctor in the story, Dr. Masson, said that some guys even schedule their procedure around the games, "They’re like, ‘This is exactly why I want to get it done in the morning, so I can be home by noon for when the games start.’ I don’t know how my bracket is doing but we joke about that as well."

Most guys I know just find ways to keep up with the action while at work or just use a couple vacation days to watch basketball.

However, if I was going to be home for a couple days, I'd probably watch "ER" on Hulu...again. Don't judge me.









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